Arte Corner Sofa
Arte Corner Sofa

Arte Corner Sofa

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The Strong Impression of Modernism. Complementing colour tones which inspire emotions of warmth and safety with a stylish and contemporary style, ARTE CORNER SOFA SET combines comfort and aesthetics with foot designs with combinations of black matt metal and gold colour which complements the soft texture. Enriching its design with its contemporary throw pillows and fabric applications, special design armchair alternative and technological accessory application, the ARTE CORNER SOFA SET appeals to personal tastes by offering different combinations.


  • Relaxing Module Size: With: 105cm Height: 60cm Depth: 168cm
  • Double Module Size: With: 230cm Height: 60cm Depth: 105cm
  • Double Module with coffee table Size: With: 230cm Height: 60cm Depth: 105cm
  • Single last corner module Size: With: 117cm Height: 60cm Depth: 105cm
  • Fire Resistant: Yes
  • Ability to use modules independently
  • Option for creating multiple combination
  • Rich throw pillows with different forms, sizes and patterns in modules
  • Intelligent charger feature in the two-table module
  • Quilting application for seats and back cushions
  • Metal legs with golden coloured shoes


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